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The Sign-Painter’s Craft

Up until the mid-1900s, before the advent of large-scale printing, modern cities were populated by hand-painted signs and advertisements all painted manually by expert professionals. These were master Sign-Painters, each with their own specializations ranging from massive wall-advertising to humble shop windows and signs; frames and boiserie, friezes and architectural details, all had to be taken into account to create unique signs which would compliment the city’s spirit. Original alphabets, gold leaf and all manner of special effects - some of which are extremely ingenious and, most importantly, still valid today.

Il Letterista

Il Letterista is a small sign shop born for the love of letters. Faithful to our Italian roots, our practice draws from Italian vernacular lettering as well as traditional design and painting methods, resurrecting a long lost profession which still has a lot to offer: the local Sign Painter. We aim to blend our traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary flavor; bringing together hand-painted custom lettering, specialty craftsmanship, brilliant gold leaf and glass.

A sign should be—must be—much more than just a sticker or a group of letters thrown up on a storefront. A sign is the voice of any shop, office or studio: it should speak in the human language of letters, not in the synthetic voice of vinyl stickers. Your sign should help your business cut through the distractions on a busy street, reflecting your unique qualities.

Il Letterista is Joseph Miceli and Rocco Barbaro, two friends who, after a long career in the graphic and typographic sector, decide to become craftsmen for the love of painted letters.


For their generosity and professionalism:
Simone Marcarino, Stefano Bianco, Gabriele Abruzzese, Lina Ozerkina, Elena Sorella, Il Grandre, Ruggero Magrì, Marco Vesco, Cristina Maggiora, Cripta 747, Archivio Tipografico, Sericraft, Zanna Dura, Andrea Luisi, Pallante.

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